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This view displays jobs ran in a repository (conversion, content, data migration). Jobs are grouped into three categories:

  • Conversion - reports all document representation jobs (from uploading or updating contents) as well as conversion jobs (from running conversion requests - to PDF, to image, etc.).
  • Content (Async) - reports operations on contents (delete content, move content between folders, etc.). Content jobs are asynchronyous.
  • Data migration - jobs related to data migration from legacy repositories. These jobs create contents in ADx based on migrated data.

Filter Jobs

You can filter the list by the job type or status. Simply use the left-hand menu:

  • Conversion - current document representation and conversion jobs

    Note that you can see the files involved in conversion (input and output files) in the property panel:

  • Content (async) - content-related jobs (update, delete)

  • Recent - jobs triggered today

  • Failed - failed jobs where an error occurred

  • Waiting - jobs waiting to be executed

  • Pending - jobs pending execution

  • Enqueued - jobs in a queue

  • Done - successful jobs

Search Jobs

You can search for jobs using provided filters.

All Jobs

Conversion Jobs

Content and Migration Jobs

Job Actions

You can perform the following actions on each job:

  • Open - opens conversion job in editing view
  • Details - opens conversion job in editing view
  • Delete - deletes selected job(s)
  • Refresh - runs the conversion jobs query and loads the latest jobs
  • Export - downloads a package which can include job input, output, and diagnostic package


Above actions can also be ran with our REST API. For details, see REST API.