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Tracing Requests in ADx

ADx repositories can be configured so that they can be traced by an external tool. Tracing can be then enabled for a specific period of time on any ADx repository. During this time, all service requests can be tracked and monitored.


You will need a tracing tool. At the moment, Jaeger is the only supported option. ADx provides the option to allow tracing, but the tracing tool itself must be provided by your organization.

Configuring Request Tracing

In this case, we're using the default tracing tool configured with ADx - Jaeger. Watch the following video to understand how to configure and enable tracing on a repository in ADx:

The video shows the following steps:

  1. Enable tracing on ADx repository.
  2. Set up tracing configuration (in this case, we're using the default Jaeger configuration).
  3. Activate tracing on ADx repository.
  4. Upload documents to ADx, track the service requests in the UI of an external tool (Jaeger).