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Configuring Alternative Repository Storage


Every repository in ADx comes with default settings for content storage. These settings define where binary resources are stored. These settings are determined by the ADX_DEFAULT_STORAGE_CONTENT_TYPE and ADX_DEFAULT_STORAGE_CONTENT_PATH runtime properties. However, you can also set up alternative storage locations and easily move repository contents into these locations. This page explains how to set up alternative storage on a repository.


  1. Log in to ADx. Go to the Administrator page:

  2. Click Repositories to open the repositories query view.

  3. Click Details to open repository configuration form.

  4. Find Additional Content Storages in the Connection section. Click Add - a list of available storage types appears.

  5. Select the storage type you want to use:

    • DbStorageConfiguration - select to configure database storage
    • FsStorageConfiguration - select to configure file system storage.

      If you choose FsStorageConfiguration and you enter a relative path, then the path is set to ADx_Installation_Directory/repository-resources/content/your-relative-path unless ADX_DEFAULT_STORAGE_CONTENT_PATH is set to a different path. In this case, the path is ADX_DEFAULT_STORAGE_CONTENT_PATH/your-relative-path.

    • GcpStorageConfiguration - select to configure storage on Google Cloud Platform
    • S3StorageConfiguration - select to configure storage on Amazon S3
  6. Provide the information required by selected storage type. If you need detailed information, please check the tooltips on each field.

  7. When you're done, click Apply to save your changes.

  8. Synchronize the repository. Your changes are now live.

What's Next?

When you're done configuring repository storage, you can move your files into it using the dedicated relocation features. For detailed information, see the following pages: