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Deleting Repositories

Deleting a repository means deleting its configuration data from ADx. Contents of the repository are NOT deleted - they are still available in your database, file system, cloud storage or external service (such as Documentum), depending on repository configuration. If you want them to be deleted, you need to either do it from ADx before deleting the repository or delete them directly from the configured storage service.

You cannot delete the default repository (if you enabled it during installation) - this repository is created from runtime properties every time you start ADx, and consequently deleting it wouldn't make much sense.

Deleting from User Interface

  1. Log in to ADx. Go to Administrator Area:

    Administrator area

  2. Select the repository you want to delete. Deactivate it.

  3. Click Delete and confirm your operation. The repository is now removed.

To delete standard repository contents from database, you need to delete tables identified by the technical name of your repository, followed by an underscore sign. For example, if the repository name is MyRepo, you could use DROP TABLE db_name.schema_name.MyRepo_*.

Deleting with REST API

Use the DELETE endpoint /access.adx.admin/v1/repository available in ADx Administration API:

ADx Administration API

See ADx Administration API for more details.