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Relocating All Repository Binaries

This page explains how to relocate the binary sources of all contents inside a repository.


Alternative content storage must be configured on the target repository. For more information, see Configuring Alternative Repository Storage.


  1. Open ADx Administration Area.

  2. Select a repository.

  3. Select Relocate Contents from the bottom menu (you may have to expand it). Provide the following information:

    • Repository - repository name (autocompleted)
    • Storage Name - valid name of an alternative storage configured on this repository. If you leave this field empty, all binary sources will be relocated to the default repository storage.
  4. Click Execute. Asynchronous relocation job is started. When it's done, the binary sources of all repository contents should be relocated to the target directory. Note that this will not affect the content or folder structure in ADx Explorer. You can track the job status in repository cache area.