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Browsing Content in WebReader


Content must have a PDF representation to be opened in WebReader. By default, this representation is generated automatically on document upload, but if it's not available, run the Prepare for WebReader job.

Content Preview

Before opening a document in WebReader, you can use its "embedded" form in ADx Explorer to preview documents:

Viewing Content in WebReader

The video below quickly shows how to use WebReader options. Note that the print and download options require a PDF representation of the content (you can create one by running Prepare for WebReader conversion job on the content).

Viewing Videos in WebReader

ADx enabels you to upload and view videos in WebReader. For a list of supported audio and video formats, see Supported Contents.


WebReader provides an online preview service for all types of contents within ADx. While browsing contents in WebReader, you can add comments and reply to comments in existing comment threads. Keep in mind that WebReader actions do not affect content versions. To open a document in WebReader, either double-click it in Explorer or select Open:

Selected content opens inside WebReader:

  • Action bar at the top allows you to adjust the view and add comments.
  • Table of Contents and Comments menus to the right allow you to switch between pages and browse comment threads.
  • Search icon and menu next to it allow you to search the document, refresh the page, and show technical information about WebReader.

Using multiple documents and Split View

WebReader can display documents side by side. This can be achieved by opening from the ADx Explorer, choosing from inside the WebReader or directly via a URL.

Via URL multiple documents can be opened; this can be achieved by adding multiple contentIds comma separated. To activate the split view on load useSplitView=true - e.g.http://localhost:8080/tribefire-web-reader/?accessId=access.adx.content.demo#documentId=contentId1,contentId2&useSplitView=true`

Adding Comments

To add comments, use the Comment option at the top of the page:

Comment is then highlighted on the page where it was added:

When you select the highlighting note, comment is shown in the Comments view in the side panel:

Note that you can reply to comments and resolve them. You can switch between Open and Resolved comment threads.

Preparing Content for WebReader

If you can't open a content in WebReader, use the conversion service called Prepare for WebReader:

  1. Select one of the contents you want to prepare.
  2. Click Conversion.
  3. Click Prepare for Viewer. Your content should be prepared in a short while.

WebReader Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table shows keyboard shortcuts and their functions.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
up/downprevious/next page
Cmd(Ctrl)-Up ArrowGo to first page
Cmd (Ctrl)-Down ArrowGo to last page
Cmd(Ctrl)-1Go to page 1
Cmd(Ctrl)-2Go to page 2
Cmd(Ctrl)-3Go to page 3
Cmd(Ctrl)-4Go to page 4
Cmd(Ctrl)-fSearch in page. When pressed twice, search is performed within browser.
When in search modde, ReturnFind next search result.
When in search mode, Cmd(Ctrl)-Return keyFind previous search result.
Cmd-Plus sign (+)Zoom in
Cmd-Minus sign (-)Zoom out
Cmd-0Reset zoom
Cmd(Ctrl)-MToggle TooBar + RightPanel
Cmd(Ctrl)-iShow the About page.
Shift-UP ArrowToggle ToolBar.
Shift-RIGHT ArrowToggle RightPanel.