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Relocating Individual Contents

This page explains how to change the storage location of binary resources for individual contents. If you want to move the binary resources of all contents, see Relocating All Repository Contents.


Alternative content storage must be configured on the repository where the content is stored. For more information, see Configuring Alternative Repository Storage.


  1. Open ADx Repository Explorer.

  2. Select a content.

  3. Click Relocate in the bottom menu. Enter the following information:

    • Content - name of the content to be relocated (autocompleted field)
    • Storage Name - enter the name of an existing alternative storage configuration of this repository. If this field is left empty, content will be moved to the default storage.
  4. Click Execute. Selected content is moved and a confirmation message appears. The binary source of the content is now moved to the target storage. Note that this will not affect how the content is displayed in ADx Explorer.


This operation can be executed via ADx REST API. Send a request to https://YOUR_ADX_HOST/tribefire-services/api/v1/access.adx.content.REPOSITORY_NAME/v1/content/relocate with the following parameters:

  • sessionId - authenticate to get one
  • contentId - contentId of the content to be relocated
  • storageName - name of the target storage