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Working with Content Representations

Content Representations is where you can view all representations created for a given content. Content representations are normally created after a content is converted.

To view content representations:

  1. Select the content in Explorer.
  2. Click More -> Show Representations. All content representations are listed.

You can view content representations in WebReader, edit their properties, and download them.

Viewing Renditions for CMIS and Documentum Repositories

CMIS and Documentum repositories in ADx have their contents synced. If a content has renditions generated in a Documentum or CMIS application, ADx enables you to view and download these renditions. Renditions generated outside of ADx have the rendition- in their file names when downloaded. This is to distinguish them from representations generated within ADx. The following video shows how to view renditions.

Notice that the main format (in the video it's .docx) is not a rendition, and this is why it does not show in the list of representations.


ADx REST API provides endpoints for deleting, downloading, and getting representations. For more information, see REST.

Creating Content Representations in Bulk

ADx enables you to create representations on folder level.

To create representations for all contents in a folder, select the folder, right-click, and then select Prepare for Viewer. Be aware of the following options:

  • Cascade Conversion — if you check this box, contents inside folders that are nested within the selected folder are converted. Otherwise, only contents located directly inside the selected folder are converted.
  • Enforce Conversion — if you check this box, contents are converted even if the desired format already exists in content representations and the current representation is overwritten. Otherwise, a content is converted to another format only if this format does not exist in content representations.