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Searching for Contents

This page explains how to use the search bar to find the contents you need. Please keep in mind that on CMIS and Documentum repositories searching is case-sensitive.

You can search contents inside a specific repository or use the Global Repository Search (beta version as of ADx 2.2).

Basic search is enabled by default in all pages. If you go to the Search page, you can use the following form:

  • Name - content or folder name
  • Owner - user currently set as owner of the content or folder. By default, it's the user who created the entry.

In other pages, basic search is always performed by Name.

You can switch to Advanced mode to enter custom search queries. One example when this is necessary is

  1. Select Advanced option next to the search bar:

  2. Enter your query:

    Note the syntax used: from EntryType where property = value orderBy property orderingType. Here's what you can use in the query:

    • as EntryType - Content, Folder or any custom type (if defined).
    • as property = value - any property of EntryType with a value, for example owner = 'username' or createdBy = userName(). Note that strings must be encapsulated by single quotes (').
    • as property after orderBy - any property of the EntryType.
    • as OrderingType - asc for ascending or desc for descending.

    For full information about GMQL (query language used by ADx, provided by Tribefire platform), see GMQL Where.

ADx enables you to perform fulltext search. You can search for full strings or sub-strings. To search for sub-strings, use the wildcard (*) character. For example, to search for a content that has the template name, you can type *late, temp*, or *empla*. Note that fulltext search must be enabled in your repository. See Fulltext Search.

Global Repository Search (Beta feature)

Instead of searching individual repositories, you can use Global Repository Search.

  1. Log in to ADx.

  2. Click Explore under Global Repository Search.

  3. Use one of the provided queries (Owned by Me, Recent, Search - see Basic Search) or switch to Advanced Search. Owned by Me and Recent queries will return results from all repositories by default. Search allows you to customize the query.

    • When using Search, you're prompted for the standard search information, which is extended with a list of repositories. Use this list to select the repositories to be searched, then run the query.

      Search results are grouped by repository:


ADx REST API provides a corresponding endpoint for searching contents. For more information, see REST API.