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Configuring Callbacks on Conversion REST Queries

Conversion requests are asynchronyous. At first, you only get the Job ID as a response from Conversion server, and need to query for the job status. However, there is a way to make life easier. If you define callback parameters in your REST query, you will get a callback POST request to the provided endpoint when the job is done!

  1. From the landing page, open the API link under a repository:

    Swagger page opens, showing the available ADx endpoints.

Callback parameters are available on Conversion endpoints:

  • restCallback.url: URL where the POST request containing the callback request is sent after Conversion job is finished.
  • restCallback.customData: Any data that should be forwarded with the callback.
  • restCallback.basicAuthenticationPassword: Password used for authentication on the target endpoint (if required). Note that the password should be encrypted. ADx packages contain an encryption script which you can use for that purpose.
  • restCallback.basicAuthenticationUser: User name used for authentication on the target endpoint (if required).

Having configured callback parameters, try sending a conversion request - you should get a callback now when the job is finished.