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Viewing Contents in WebReader with REST

This document explains how to view contents in WebReader with REST API.

  1. Log in to ADx.

  2. On the landing page, click the API link under the repository where you want to view the content:

    Swagger page opens, showing the available ADx endpoints.

  3. Find the /access.adx.content.demo/v1/content/view-url (Open Content Url By Id) endpoint and expand it. Click Try it out to activate the fields.

  4. Paste the content's technical ID into the contentId field. You can leave the defualt value in the urlTemplate field or fill it with your own URL template by following the structure shown in this field.

  5. Click Execute and check the response. Response 200 (success) is expected.

  6. To view the content in WebReader, copy the returned uri field from the response and paste it in your web browser.