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ADx Versions

The version of the installed package is displayed in the following places:

  • The landing page (at the bottom)
  • The README file in the package
  • In the terminal output when running install.sh

You might see that a package you downloaded (or want to download) has a suffix after the revision in its name, as in:


This is related to internal processes and only indicates a very minor change in the package (like a small update to the README). You only need to know the package version (i.e. the -p suffix number) for troubleshooting, if your installation fails.

What is important when downloading packages is to know that when you download from the major.minor folder (such as 2.0), you will always get the latest version of the software. Consider the situation below:

In this case, the .zip file contents under 2.0 are the same as in 2.0.64-p2, which is the latest package produced. The links below would have the same content:



Advantage of the long version links is that one immediately sees the full version in the file name. Advantage of the short version link is that the link itself is stable, i.e. doesn't have to be updated for every update.