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Installation Best Practices

Verify Database Connection before Installing ADx

New ADx developers/admins often have problems when performing an ADx installation the first time. In many cases the main problems are database related. (If ADx can't connect to the database, not much will work.)

Database connection/setup can be verified/tested using Squirrel SQL. Why with that tool? Squirrel is Java based and it connects to the database via JDBC. This is very similar to what tribefire/ADx does.

  • If Squirrel can connect (from the machine that also runs ADx), it should also work with ADx.
  • If Squirrel can connect, but only from another machine, it's probably a network/firewall issue.
  • If connection with Squirrel doesn't work at all, there is no need to test it with ADx. It won't work there either.

Where to Find Database Logs

Database issues are shown in ADx/Conversion logs. Check e.g. adx_warn.log for database/jdbc related error messages. If there are any, one should try with Squirrel first and make sure everything works there.

This also includes checking permissions. For example, one can connect with the same user as configured in ADx and then create a test table (just to make sure permissions are set correctly).

Alternatives to Squirrel SQL

If you prefer not to work with Squirrel SQL, you can choose DBeaver. For comparison and more information on Squirrel SQL and DBeaver, see Comparison of database tools.

Make Sure Database User Has Permissions

After you test the database connection, make sure the database user has the right permissions to create tables. Perform the following steps:

  1. Connect to the database server.
  2. Create the database.
  3. Run the following script: create table test (a int) insert into test values (1) select * from test drop table test