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Starting the Tomcat Server

Once the installation has finished, it is time to start the application. You can either start the server from the command line, or as a Linux service.

Starting the Server from the Command Line

  1. Navigate to the target installation directory, go to /runtime/host/bin, and run ./tribefire-console-start.sh.

Running this script starts ADx or Conversion Tomcat. You should see a Tomcat started message - service should be available shortly (less than a minute) after, when all components are deployed.

To stop the service, run ./tribefire-console-stop.sh.

If you're using Windows, run the scripts with .bat extension.

Starting the Server as a Linux Service

After installation, you can find a Linux script file in the runtime/host/bin/ folder: tribefire-service.sh. It can be used to install the Tomcat server as a Linux service. At the moment we support the following Init systems: sysvinit and Upstart.

  1. Run sudo ./tribefire-service.sh install as a root user. Provide the password when prompted.

    This will create a symbolic link to this script in /etc/init.d and register it as a service:

    sudo ./tribefire-service.sh install
    Assigning execution rights to start/stop script
    Creating a reference to the start/stop script in /etc/init.d
    Registering conversion as a service
    Registering conversion using /usr/sbin/update-rc.d
    Done with registering service conversion

    To uninstall the service, simply run sudo ./tribefire-service.sh uninstall.

  2. Once it is installed, the service can be used to start and stop the server:

    • To start, run /etc/init.d/service_name start
    • To stop, run /etc/init.d/service_name stop

    Where service_name has to be replaced with the name provided in projectDescriptor property inside the configuration file (defaults are conversion for the conversion package and agile-documents-platform for the ADx package).

Note that there are other ways to start Tomcat, e.g. also as a background service. For more information refer to Tomcat documentation.