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Conversion API

This API contains a set of endpoints used by ADx client to run conversion jobs. These endpoints are not accessible from within ADx itself and they are not relevant (at least not directly) to ADx user. They could be used, for example, to test the internal Conversion functionality. Do not confuse these with ADx repository endpoints used to start a conversion job.

To access this API via Swagger, you need to open tribefire-services page of the Conversion node, as in https://hostname:port/tribefire-services. Then, open the Swagger page as shown below:

You are presented with Conversion endpoints. Focus on Mapped Endpoints section, which only contains endpoints related to Conversion functionality (and not general platform endpoints).

Mapped Endpoints

These endpoints are used by ADx to complete conversion jobs. You can also trigger all of them from the UI - see Conversion Access for more information

POST/conv/v1/cancelCancel Job
POST/conv/v1/cleanupClean Up Conversion Jobs
POST/conv/v1/create/combinedCombined Job
POST/conv/v1/create/documentCreate Document
POST/conv/v1/create/extract-textExtract Text
POST/conv/v1/create/html-to-pdfHtml To Pdf
POST/conv/v1/create/image-to-hocrImage To Hocr
POST/conv/v1/create/image-to-imageImage To Image
POST/conv/v1/create/image-to-textImage To Text
POST/conv/v1/create/images-to-pdfImages To Pdf
POST/conv/v1/create/merge-pdfsMerge Pdfs
POST/conv/v1/create/nooperationNo Operation
POST/conv/v1/create/office-to-pdfOffice To Pdf
POST/conv/v1/create/pdf-to-hocrPdf To Hocr
POST/conv/v1/create/pdf-to-imagesPdf To Images
POST/conv/v1/create/pdf-to-textPdf To Text
POST/conv/v1/create/resize-imageResize Image
POST/conv/v1/create/split-pdfSplit Pdf
POST/conv/v1/create/text-templateText Template To Text
POST/conv/v1/create/watermark-pdfWatermark Pdf
POST/conv/v1/create/word-templateWord Template To Word
GET/conv/v1/statusGet Job Status

Corresponding GET endpoints are available under Generic Endpoints.