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Migrating Contents from Legacy ADx Installations

This document explains how to migrate repository content from legacy ADx installations.


  • ADx is installed. For more information, see installation documentation.
  • User account for migration is set up, with the adx-root role (necessary to access legacy systems) and adx-admin role (necessary to access ADx administrator area). For information on how to set up users and roles, see User Management.
  • Target repository in ADx 2.0 is set up (we recommend the repository to be empty before migration). For more information, see Adding Repositories


  1. Log in to the legacy ADx installation and copy the name of the source repository.

  2. Log in to ADx 2.0 installation as the migration user (with the adx-root and adx-admin roles).

  3. Open the Administration area.

  4. Select the target repository for content migration.

  5. Select Migration from the toolbar, then Data Migration from the sub-menu. The following pop-up opens:

    Fill in the fields as prompted:

    • Username/Password - credentials of the legacy repository.
    • Source Repository Name - enter the repository access ID from step 1.
    • Services Url - enter the link to tribefire-services of the legacy ADx instance.
  6. Click Execute. A message with the migration job ID appears, stating that migration has begun. Migration time depends on the amount of content. Use the Data Migration Job button from the toolbar (and confirm with Execute when prompted) to see the current status (you can use the previously displayed job ID to find a specific migration job).

  7. When migration is complete, you should see the following status in Data Migration Job view:

    • contentsPercentage set to 100.
    • foldersPercentage set to 100.
    • endTimestamp has appeared, meaning that the job is complete.

    Note that contents are migrated together with the owner property, which means that the currently logged in user will only see anything in My Contents if they were registered as owner in the legacy installation.

    That's it! You can now go to the content access of your repository and verify that the contents have been migrated.