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Sessions Ending on Shared ADx/Conversion Host

Session cookies are domain-bound in ADx and Conversion installations. As a result, when Conversion and ADx are running on the same host, it's impossible to log in to both nodes at the same time. Consider the following situation:

  • ADx is running on localhost:8080
  • Conversion is running on localhost:9090

ADx session will end when Conversion session is started (and the other way around). This is a typical problem in development environment that should not normally occur in production (see recommended architecture for production). However, you can still solve the problem by resolving your localhost IP to different domains. Open etc/hosts file and add the following lines (assuming your localhost IP is adx-alias conversion-alias

You should now be able to access ADx on adx-alias:8080 and Conversion on conversion-alias:9080. Getting logged in one node should no longer cause the session on the other node to end, because from the browser perspective ADx and Conversion are now on different hosts.