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Starting and Stopping ADx and Conversion

This page explains how to start and stop ADx and Conversion. The procedure is the same for both services.

  1. Change directory to the installation directory. When you run ll, the result should be similar to the list below:

  2. Change directory to /runtime/host/bin (cd runtime/host/bin). This directory contains the tribefire-console-start.sh and tribefire-console-stop.sh scripts, used to start and stop ADx and Conversion.

  3. Run ./tribefire-console-start.sh to start the service. You should get Tomcat started response and the service should be available shortly (in less than a minute). If the service is not available, please check the catalina.log available in installation_directory/../logs (unless configured otherwise).

  4. Run ./tribefire-console-stop.sh to stop the service. You should get Tomcat stopped response. Note that the services (especially ADx) sometimes take several minutes to stop. In this case, you will get the following warning:

    Tomcat did not stop in time.
    PID file was not removed.
    To aid diagnostics a thread dump has been written to standard out.
    Tribefire Host stopped.