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Updating Repository Configuration

This page explains how to update your repository configuration based on a package received from Braintribe. Updating the repository configuration allows you to adapt it to custom needs (for example by customizing the WebReader design or attaching logic to a repository which extends normal repository features).


At the moment, you can only upload a given package once per repository. As an example, if you have two versions of a package available, do as follows:

  • Configuration package version 1 - upload it once to repository A
  • Configuration package version 2 - upload it once to repository A after uploading version 1
  • ...and so on

If, by accident, you upload a certain package twice, you'll most likely get an error - if this happens, please delete the repository and create a new one. Please be assured that this process will be improved in the upcoming releases.

Updating Process

  1. Log in to ADx. Open Administration area:

  2. Select the repository and run the Update Config action (you may have to expand the menu as shown below):

    Update Configuration pop-up window opens.

  3. In Update Configuration, enter the necessary information:

    Auto SyncSelect this option if you want the repository to be synchronized after updating the configuration.
    Use Runtime ValuesSelect this option to set repository properties to the current runtime values. This is the recommended action.
    ResourceUse this field to add a package containing the repository configuration.
  4. Synchronize the repository (not necessary if you already used Auto Sync in step 3). Repository configuration is now updated and the repository is ready to be used!