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ADx 2.0.558 (16/10/2019) Release Notes

This release introduces critical updates, including a brand-new user interface as well as the possibility to run ADx and Conversion nodes as part of a cluster, utilizing ActiveMQ for communication between nodes.


You can install this release from the provided package. Follow Installation Instructions for more details.

Updated User Interface

New user interface is now available, providing ADx-specific landing page and branding. Documentation has been updated as required to match the newly implemented logic.

Clustered Setup

Clustered setup for ADx and Conversion is now available. Example installation settings file has been updated with comments accordingly and installation documentation has been updated.

For architecture details, check architecture documentation.

New Features and Improvements

The following features are provided in this release:

https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-319ADx Landing PageCritical
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-401ADx Admin: Migration Tool for 1.1 Configuration migrationCritical
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-455Add resulting content IDs to ContentRepresentationJobMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-405ADx architecture: use single database for Conversion system & business data?Major
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-440Refactoring deep health check for graphical reportsMinor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-323ADx Explorer: Show Repository InformationMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-474Deep health check: Save report as resourceMinor

Bug Fixes ADx

The following issues were resolved.

https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-442Resource not found while downloading from Content AccessMAJOR
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-492New allows creating every entityBlocker
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-502Download of Logfiles doesn't workCritical
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-476Scroll-issue in Properties-panelCritical
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-503Cannot delete new version of file after older is deletedMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-306Demo repository Documentum 6.7 is not workingMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-431Users list is stuffed with duplicates and cartridge namesMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-461Repository with name 'CMIS Documentum 7.3 R2' cannot be createdMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-283Transformation is working with max 40MB txt filesMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-425After editing repository error pops outMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-490Error when creating folder without a nameMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-392Adding new role with description failsMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-485Error when upload a file without specifying the fileMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-509Handling large repository names and names with special charactersMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-478Testreport opens on localhostMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-442Resource not found while downloading from Content AccessMajor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-426Password is stored as plane text in postgresql DB, even with @Confidential annotation Major
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-409UI cannot display a large number of tabs properlyMinor
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-462Cleanup errors on conversion when conversion access is not deployedMinor

Bug Fixes Conversion

The following issues were resolved.

https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-513Converting PPT failsCritical
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-442MAJORResource not found while downloading from Content Access

New Runtime Properties

The following runtime properties were added in this release:

PropertyDescriptionDefault Value
TRIBEFIRE_RUNTIME_OFFER_STAYSIGNEDWhen this is set to true, the login dialog will offer an option to stay signed-in after a browser restart. If set to false, the user session will always be closed when the browser is closed. This is achieved by using a session cookie that stores the user's session ID until the browser is closed.true
TRIBEFIRE_IS_CLUSTEREDIndicates whether or not this node is part of a cluster.false

Changed Runtime Properties

The following propertied had their functionality or default values changed.

PropertyChangeDefault Value
TRIBEFIRE_USER_SESSIONS_MAX_IDLE_TIMEDefault changed from 24h to 30m30m

Removed Runtime Properties

The following properties were removed in this release:

PropertyDefault Value

Known Issues

A list of problems we're aware of and working on.

Known Issues ADx

https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-447CRITICALPotential Race Condition when checkout & updating Content consecutively
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-321CRITICALAdd missing indices
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-354CRITICALADx Admin: Problem when synchronizing Type Definitions form DCTM/CMIS
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-350CRITICALADx Admin: Repository Activation state sometimes not correct in case of errors
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-324CRITICALADx Content: DCTM/CMIS Repositories throws error on some queries
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-348MAJORADx Admin: Repository Modification-Status not updated on Update
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-347MAJORADx Admin: Repository Deletion not properly working
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-330MAJORADx Content: Missing ADx context information for conversion jobs
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-342MINORHibernate warnings in the log files
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-341MINORJava warnings during for Java 9 and later
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-311MINOROracle - DbLockManager prints Oracle constraint message

Connection refused error for Conversion

When running conversion health checks from either administrator area or the landing page, you may get a connection refused error in case the health check page cannot be embedded.

Checking from the administrator area:

Checking from the landing page:

Error message (highlighted icon is only present if you navigate from the admin area):

If it happens, use the health check from the admin area and click the indicated icon to open the page in a separate tab, where it should work normally.

Cannot migrate legacy contents simultaneously

Due to cache database being shared between repositories, it's not possible for now to run multiple migration jobs from a single legacy repository at the same time. You need to wait for the previous migration to finish before running a new one.

Known Issues Conversion

https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-337MAJORMake TF Conversion workbench consistent to ADx
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-501MAJORtf-conversion user has the admin role assigned
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-338MAJORFinalize Permissions on accessing TF Converion
https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/TFSTUD-187MINORAdd diagnostic package for failed resources
 https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/EXTDOCS-71MINORFix wrong encoding on opening resource in Browser

Minor Warnings

Java Warnings

When using Java 9 or later, the following warning may appear in application logs and also during installation procedure:

WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
WARNING	: Illegal reflective access by com.braintribe.model.processing.itw.asm.AsmClassLoaderWrapper$1 (file:/path/to/instant-type-weaving-1.0.28.jar) to method java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(java.lang.String,byte[],int,int)
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of com.braintribe.model.processing.itw.asm.AsmClassLoaderWrapper$1
WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release

Ticket: https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-341

Hibernate Warnings

The log files may contain Hibernate-related warnings. They can be identified based on the fully qualified class which starts with org.hibernate, as in:

WARNING org.hibernate.tuple.entity.EntityMetamodel 'HHH000084: Entity [com.braintribe.model.user.User] is abstract-class/interface explicitly mapped as non-abstract; be sure to supply entity-names' [TribefireServices-2.0:tribefire-services#initialize,ApplicationLoader:/tribefire-services#initialize]

Ticket: https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-342

These warnings do not affect the functionality of the application and can be ignored. We are working on a fix.