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ADx 2.2.311 (15/06/2020) Patch Release Notes


This is a patch release to ADx 2.2, fixing the following problems:

  • Duplicate users getting created after repository import.
  • Repository not working properly after it has been synchronized with the option Storing Metadata Enabled (impossible to upload documents, metadata not written).

Additionally, the following features are provided:

  • Exported repository names are now written into the .zip package name, for example adx-config-asset-document-management_202006152056570990.zip if you export repository called Document Management.

  • When exporting repositories, you can now control the export of users in more detail. You can either export all users, no users at all or only users associated with the exported repositories. For more details, see Exporting Repositories and Users from ADx.

  • When exporting repositories, Access Control settings are now exported as well.

  • You can now control how to import users by using the new Import User Option list - similar to how repositories are imported. For more details, see Importing Repositories and Users to ADx.

    • none - do not import users at all;
    • delta - import only those users/roles which are not present in ADx;
    • full - import all users/roles from the package, override the properties of existing users.

Please also check the updated list of Known Issues. For information about the 2.2 release, please read ADx 2.2 Release Notes.

New Installation

You can install this release from the provided package. Follow the Installation Instructions if you're installing ADx from scratch.

Updating ADx

For information on how to update ADx, see Updating ADx. Please continue to use the previous Conversion installation.

Configuration Changes


Known Issues

Issues mentioned below have been reported in the previous releases - we are currently working on fixing them.

The following issues were discovered in this release:

  • Always check for the successfully saved notification on top after changing properties in the UI - if it's not displayed, your changes are not saved.

  • Always synchronize repositories before exporting - otherwise, repository-associated roles are not correctly exported.

  • Always reload the client (use the refresh button in your browser) in the following situations (your changes may not be shown in the UI otherwise):

    • after adding or modifying roles/users/groups;
    • after assigning Access Control settings.
  • After importing a repository, its Access Control settings are not immediately visible in repository properties. The video below presents a workaround to this problem:

Known Issues ADx

AD-321CRITICALAdd missing indices
AD-354CRITICALADx Admin: Problem when synchronizing Type Definitions form DCTM/CMIS
AD-1096MAJORStopping ADx Tomcat process may take multiple minutes
AD-348MAJORADx Admin: Repository Modification-Status not updated on Update
AD-1204MAJORRepository Filters Don't Return Any Results
AD-1222MAJORIt's necessary to activate a repository twice after changing settings
AD-342MINORHibernate warnings in the log files
AD-341MINORJava warnings with Java 9 and later during startup
AD-311MINOROracle - DbLockManager prints Oracle constraint message

Cannot migrate legacy contents simultaneously

Due to cache database being shared between repositories, it's not possible for now to run multiple migration jobs from a single legacy repository at the same time. You need to wait for the previous migration to finish before running a new one.

Open API doesn't load when ADx runs in cluster

After starting newly installed ADx with Standard repository and trying use Open API, an error occurs:

This problem only occurs on clustered ADx installations. After restarting the ADx node, it should be gone (you can also switch to Swagger 2.0 which works in all situations).

Known Issues Conversion

AD-338CRITICALIntroduce roles for conversion
AD-337MAJORMake TF Conversion workbench consistent to ADx
AD-501MAJORtf-conversion user has the admin role assigned
 EXTDOCS-71MINORFix wrong encoding on opening resource in Browser

Minor Warnings

StatusLogger Error

The following error currently appears in ADx console output. It doesn't affect ADx functionality or performance.

ERROR StatusLogger No log4j2 configuration file found. Using default configuration: logging only errors to the console. 
  Set system property 'org.apache.logging.log4j.simplelog.StatusLogger.level' to TRACE to show Log4j2 internal initialization logging.

Tomcat Shutdown Warning

The following warning is sometimes thrown by Tomcat when stopping the service:

Tomcat did not stop in time.
PID file was not removed.
To aid diagnostics a thread dump has been written to standard out.
Tribefire Host stopped.

This happens when shutdown takes longer than Tomcat expects. Shutdown may take several minutes, which will result in this message being printed out. This warning could appear on both Conversion and ADx.

Java Warnings

When using Java 9 or later, the following warning may appear in application logs and also during installation procedure:

WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
WARNING	: Illegal reflective access by com.braintribe.model.processing.itw.asm.AsmClassLoaderWrapper$1 (file:/path/to/instant-type-weaving-1.0.28.jar) to method java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(java.lang.String,byte[],int,int)
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of com.braintribe.model.processing.itw.asm.AsmClassLoaderWrapper$1
WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release

Ticket: https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-341

Hibernate Warnings

The log files may contain Hibernate-related warnings. They can be identified based on the fully qualified class which starts with org.hibernate, as in:

WARNING org.hibernate.tuple.entity.EntityMetamodel 'HHH000084: Entity [com.braintribe.model.user.User] is abstract-class/interface explicitly mapped as non-abstract; be sure to supply entity-names' [TribefireServices-2.0:tribefire-services#initialize,ApplicationLoader:/tribefire-services#initialize]

Ticket: https://jira.braintribe.com/browse/AD-342

These warnings do not affect the functionality of the application and can be ignored. We are working on a fix.